Saturday, March 14, 2015

Four self-portraits

The four paintings from the "Plurielles" art show. 
+ Video covering of the event and brief interview (in creole) with the artists Here.

About the self-portraits: 

It wasn't difficult to paint myself naked, most of the time I'm rather comfortable in my skin and in the end, what your seeing is not really me. The woman I painted is a construct, a fantastical mix of snake, Gede and white paint! In real life, my scars certainly don't shine. 
Still, the exercise was empowering because those really look like my boobs and this is my ass fair and square! Feel free to admire them... 

"Gad",2015. 25' x 25' Acrylique sur canevas.

"Nan rara", 2015. 25' x 25' Acrylique sur canevas.

"Conversation avec Hector H.",2015.25' x 25' Acrylique sur canevas.

"Self-Portrait with new friends"(close up) , 2015. 25' x 25' Acrylique sur canevas. 

Un petit reportage sur l'évènement par CHOKARELLA.

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