Saturday, April 25, 2015

Justice Populaire

The story is simple 

Thief comes out of nowhere  
Thief assaults cop to take cops gun 
Gun misfires 
Bullet hits passing lady.
This, is what happens right after...

Thief, now a dangerous murderer, runs for his life

"Polis la kouri dèye volè a epi l ap mande moun yo pou ede l kenbe li"*

Falls down with the help of a concerned citizen

Volè a ap kouri monte, men depi anwo popilasyon a ap sèkle li, li pran yon premye kout wòch nan do"

Probably has the time to see coming

"Li tonbe nan yon dlo sal epi li pran yon lòt kout wòch"


The building block that will bash his head in...

"Gen yon mesye ki pran yon blòk 10, li lage sou tèt li"

Our 70 years old cook told me that when they heard the gun shots, everybody got down, "Jenou m deja pa bon"**. The young lady next to Cook managed somehow to fall on top of Cook then pee all over her back, "M santi yon bagay cho k ap koule sou do m". 

The wounded woman was taken to the hospital and survived "Se yon machann fritay sou katye a li ye , m pa wè l pi mal non"But unluckily for Thief, se pat jou chans li, he acted his poorly thought out plan in the wrong neighborhood, at the wrong time of day, "katrè li te ye wi".  

Cook said that when the block fell on is head, brain matter flew everywhere Pffffff. Every body heard and saw, the hit, the wet noise.

"Sèvèl li blayi tout kote!" ***

The police officer ran after the thief to get his gun back and maybe bring a thief to justice. He asked help from the population, and often they do catch the running felons. But the thief had just shot someone and where ordinarily he would have only been beaten a little, this time he met his end, swiftly. There was no dicussion.  Sa w pran se pa w.

*The policeman ran after the thief and asked the population to help catch him.
- The thief was running uphill, but the people on top had heard the cry and were already surrounding him, the      threw a rock at his back and he fell down.
-He fell into a pool of dirty water and was hit in the head by another rock
- A man took a big building block and let it fall on his head.

**My knees have always been bad
- I felt something hot running down my back
- She sells found in the neighborhood, she looks ok now.
- It wasn't his lucky day
- It was four o'clock in the afternoon 

*** His brain just exploded
- What you get is yours to take  

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