Saturday, October 25, 2014

Better art after death

Skull flowers snake and flies gif by Tessa Mars

Gede is upon us. Here are some experiments I made while learning how to do animated Gifs. The process is simple but time consuming.

Skull and snake Gif detail


Some months after my car accident P. came to visit and told me that my art would be "More Interesting" and "More Powerful" now. After two years of thinking about that tactless consideration and Gede helping this is my answer to P.:

Talking mouth animated gif

 (Let's talk about your mother)

Still working on making the transitions smoother but I believe the point is made.

Here are a couple of great and smooth gif that came my way this year from artists:

Brianna McCarthy

Manuel Mathieu 

En français:

Mes deux premiers essais de Gifs animés, inspirés des Gede.
Quelque mois après mon accident, P. est venu en visite chez moi et m'a déclaré que dorénavant mon travail serait "plus intéressant" et "plus fort". Après deux ans de réflexion j'ai finalement réussi à formuler ma réponse à P.

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